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A self-proclaimed bachelor, content on his own. 

A runaway bride, searching for her freedom.

Defeat, an all-new, interracial, friends with benefits, billionaire romance from bestselling author Evelyn Sola is available now!

A self-proclaimed bachelor, content on his own. A runaway bride, searching for her freedom. 

They may seem like they’ve got nothing in common, but the tiniest sparks make the biggest flames. 

Delaney Lewis is desperate for her freedom. From her controlling mother and the man she left standing at the altar.

Her best friend is more than happy to help her escape and sets Delaney up at her soon to be brother-in-law’s house while he’s out of town, confident that when David comes home—he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Delaney safe from her crazy family.

David Sutton finds the surprise of a lifetime when he discovers a woman sleeping soundly in his bed. When she explains how she ended up there, David’s heart and mind slowly open, leading to a permanent place to stay, a job, and best of all, a new outlook.

The woman who was much like a stranger before, slowly becomes his friend…with a few intimate perks and before they know it, real sparks start to fly.

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“It’s going to be alright,” Summer whispers in my ear. I do my best to appear brave, but I hold on to her a little bit longer than necessary. When they get in the car and drive away, I’m alone for the first time in what seems like forever. 

I glide my hand over the marble countertop, still too distraught to admire the beautiful kitchen. I retrace my steps back upstairs, determined to put everything out of my mind until I get a decent night’s sleep. I haven’t slept a full night in months. Each day the wedding got closer, I slept less. 

The conversation I had with my mother a few days before the wedding tries to surface, but I stuff it down. 

Not now. I have some time. I have a reprieve, and no matter what may come, I will never marry Mitch or any man that I don’t love. A shudder runs through me at the thought of spending the next fifty or more years with Dr. Mitchell Vance Owens. A life sentence for sure, only not behind iron bars. 

“Here, kitty,” I whisper when I reach the second floor. “Where are you?” Like she can understand me, she meows, and I follow the sound. She’s sitting in the middle of the bed in the master bedroom. 

It’s a big space with a four-poster bed in the middle. It’s masculine with dark wood, and everything appears to be custom-made. The space is minimalistic with quiet earth tones. There’s a door to the adjoining bathroom. I peek my head in and admire the tile floor and find a white garden tub in the middle of the room. 

As much as I want to look around, my eyes are as heavy as my heart and the weeks of no sleep have caught up with me. I scoop up Pumpkin on my way to my room. If this cat is going to be the only other living thing in this house for the next few days, we’re going to get to know each other very well. But when I put her down in my new room, she meows and runs across the hall back to the master bedroom.

 “Come on, kitty. Delaney needs company.” I bring her back, but she runs across the hall before I can close the door. 

The closet in this room is empty, as are the drawers in the dresser. I change into my pajamas and decide to put my few things in the drawer after I sleep. Later, I’ll figure out a time to go to Mitch’s and get my stuff. 

“Not now, Delaney. You can worry about that shit later, or let Mitch keep it. Who cares?”I pull back the plush comforter and slide into the bed. It’s like heaven. I close my eyes and wait for sleep to overtake me, but half an hour later, I’m still wide awake. Resigned, I get up and go to the master bedroom. “Since the kitty won’t come to Delaney, Delaney will come to the kitty.”She purrs when I slide into the California king sized bed. The cat lies on my feet, and I finally feel my eyes start to get heavy.

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