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Release Tour & Excerpt: Fate of the Moon By Sara Dobie Bauer

Fate of the Moon (1024 × 1600 px)

You’re a beautiful monster, and fate has bound us together for life.

After the murder of his parents, the rules of high society dictate that omega werewolf Shay find an alpha mate—and fast. While struggling with overwhelming grief, swirling rumors of his guilt, and the prospect of a forced marriage he’s never wanted, his courting celebration yields yet another nightmare.

Alfie is a gossip reporter and alpha werewolf who latches onto the same theory as everyone else: that Shay is responsible for the deaths of his parents. When Alfie sneaks into a courting party to get a look at the guilty young man for his column, he expects to see a murderer, but finds his fated mate instead.

Despite their mutual disdain, Shay and Alfie are now inescapably entangled—all while a double homicide remains unsolved.

As their affections grow, so does the danger to their lives. Shay and Alfie might be fated, but can love conquer suspicion, grief, and the threat of death?

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A little ways down the hall, he stopped outside a closed door when the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He rubbed his hand over the misbehaving follicles, but the feeling continued, as though something deep within him struggled to get out. It was the wild wolf inside. Alfie felt it, right below the surface of his skin. Alfie was always aware of his wolf side, but unless aroused or under extreme duress, his kind only transformed during the full moon. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought a full moon had just risen above the horizon—but no, it was still weeks away. Yet, he heard it howling and could feel it clawing, pushing him to open the door! Open the door! So Alfie opened it, revealing a skeleton of a man frowning in clear confusion at him. Despite his small stature, there was something overwhelming about the skinny brunette’s presence. Although gaunt and frail, he commanded attention with the stubborn jut of his chin and sharp intelligence in his eyes. Shay Trudeaux. Alfie took one lurching step forward. Christ, what was this all-encompassing need to take? The young man’s bravado fell away. His eyes went from suspicious appraisal to wary desperation. Alfie wanted to hear his voice, knowing that somehow it would soothe his wolf, but Shay said nothing. Instead, he trembled and hugged himself. He made a high-pitched noise before dropping into little more than a pile of bones and a stunning suit on the polished hardwood floor. Alfie’s wolf would no longer be cowed. He rushed forward and slid to the ground, collecting the unconscious man into his arms. Alfie held Shay close while brushing his fingers through the omega’s mousy brown hair. “Shay.” Alfie repeated the name, and a rush of emotion nearly knocked him over. He would do anything for this man. He would protect him at any cost. He would kill for him, die for him. They were fated mates. And all Alfie could say was a quiet, “Shit.”
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Sara Dobie Bauer

About the Author:

Bestselling romance author.

Bisexual witch.

Feminist. Pro-choice. Anti-censorship.

Timothee Chalamet freak.

Horror movie aficionado.

Vampire mermaid in a past life.

Sara Dobie Bauer somehow survived her party-hard college years at Ohio University to earn a creative writing degree. She lives with her precious Pit Bull in Northeast Ohio, although she’d really like to live in a Tim Burton film.

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