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North Star Duet by M.E. Montgomery Release Blitz

Of all the things on my “to do” list, finding a man wasn’t even listed at the very bottom.

North Star Duet, an angsty, steam filled, romance now with never-before-seen bonus material from bestselling author M.E. Montgomery is available now!

Of all the things on my “to do” list, finding a man wasn’t even listed at the very bottom. I have enough to do searching for a new job and a place to live. 

Miles away from where I left my shattered heart, I fell into the path of a stranger—twice. Sparks flew—twice. 

Now I know him as Alex, the uncle and guardian of the quiet little boy in my classroom whose sad smile makes me want to scoop him up and hold him tight. Now Alex wants to do the same to me, if only I’d let him. 

Finding the courage to open my heart to love a second time isn’t easy. But when it comes to these two, I’ll put it all on the line again…including whatever it takes to keep our pasts from destroying our future together and hurting the little boy we both love. 

I have everything I’ve ever wanted: a boy I love like my own and a beautiful woman who made us a real family. One phone call was all it took to learn how easily it could all be swept away. I’ve promised I’ll keep them safe. 

But it feels like an impossible task when I don’t know the who or the why that’s trying to break us apart. But I’ll fight like hell to find out. 

Kayla: I might not remember anything of the night that nearly changed everything for us, but I’m determined not to let those moments upset our happiness.

Yet lies and deceptions lurk in the shadows, and sometimes I wonder if love really can conquer all.

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