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Declan by Laramie Briscoe



Declan: A Reverse Age Gap, Single-Parent Romance by Laramie Briscoe 

A few things you should know about Declan Tennyson.

💕 He is IN LOVE with Hadley’s best friend. She is obviously older than he is.

💋 She is a struggling single mother to an adorable son.

☠️ He is his daddy’s son. Declan is Trick’s son and he’s SUPER hot.

😍 He’s a mechanic in Trick’s shop in the beginning stages of taking it over with G.

This has both a regular & alternate cover.





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My sister’s best friend has always taken my breath away…

Declan Tennyson

At twenty-two most guys my age are living it up. Swiping left and right, trying to find what’s good for the night, instead of what’s good for life.

Me? I have one of the best examples to follow. Trick and Hadley Tennyson are still in love twenty-plus-years on, and dad is looking to slow down.

Which means I have a decision to make.

Take the shop, or make my own way.

I thought I had it all worked out, until a single-mom with brunette hair, blue eyes, and the cutest son ever needed my help on a freezing, snowy night.

Claudia Wilson

Declan Tennyson was always cute and annoying. My best friend’s little brother could always be counted on to be underfoot, or secretly listening to our girl talk.

But the last three years?

He grew into a man without me noticing.

Being a single-mom is harder than I ever expected it to be, and I haven’t had time to notice anything.

Not until the night Declan saved us in the snow, and if I’m not careful, he’s gonna end up saving me from myself.

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