Teaser Blast

Teaser Blast: The Sweetest Agony


The Sweetest Agony by Victoria Lum is releasing March 29, 2023!

Preorder today on Amazon!


Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3XjukqW


JessI thought I knew my best friend. Transcontinental video chats didn’t do him justice.He’s not an awkward teenager anymore, and one look from him sets my body on edge.I’m the type of woman who has her life together. Sure, a panic attack here or there might derail my day, but I’ve got this. I have my life under control.I’m not the type of woman to lust after the most important person in my life.But he knows me better than I know myself—even the anxious parts I try my best to hide.Now that we’re in the same place, everything in our relationship is changing.

JamesI’m back for her.She’s my best friend.Being in love with Jess has been the sweetest agony, and I’ve waited long enough.I’ve watched her fall for men who don’t appreciate her.I’ve waited for her to see me.Now it finally seems like she might, and I won’t hold back until she’s mine.

#victorialum #thesweetestagony #ContemporaryRomance #HeFellFirst #SoulMate #GirlSquad #StrandedTogether #OnlyOneBed #Friendstolovers #ReturningtoHometown #FirstLove #UnrequitedLove

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