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Teaser Blast: Property of Azrael by Avelyn Paige

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Property of Azrael, an all-new fast burn, MC romance by Avelyn Paige is coming May 20th!

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Hallie Palmer was over the moon when was invited to sign books at the Motorcycles, Mobsters, and Mayhem event in Texas. A weekend away, showing off her books and hanging out with readers, models, and other authors. Best weekend ever, right? Then her klunker of a car dies on the side of the road in rural Arkansas. With no phone signal, her weekend plans are looking bleak until, just like in one of her own books, a group of hot guys on Harleys show up to help.

Azrael Huxton and his club, the Bastard Boilers MC, just wanted a long weekend away in Mexico. A couple of days with a beach, drinks, and beautiful women. Their plans go awry when they spot a damsel in distress. Dropping her off at her destination, he’s shocked to find an event filled with books about his own lifestyle, and Hallie writes them too. Curious to see what the hype is all about, he offers Hallie a deal.

Come with him to Mexico, and experience biker culture first hand. An entire weekend as his ol’ lady. Hallie jumps at the chance.

It’s research for her next book, right? What’s the harm in that?

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