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Briefcases and Boards


Get ready for book 2 in the Sports Stringer Series…

Briefcases and Boards

Releasing  MAY 16th

What do you get when you mix a pro snowboarder with a music equipment salesman and his kid?

–I don’t know, but it’s bound to be a good time.

Griffin had no idea how hot Zane McDonnell was until he witnesses the famous sports stringer interview him. The snowboarder is charismatic and kind of adorable. When Griffin is encouraged to pursue the vibrant man, he decides to go for it—he needs adult fun in his life.

Zane figured Griffin would be fast and fun — exactly how he likes his lovers and his life. He was wrong. Griffin slips past his defenses faster than the downhill competition at the X-games. His friends might call him Big Mac, but inside he’s tiny and afraid. Despite that, he’s tempted to stick around and see what happens, but the reality is nothing is permanent.

Griffin’s not about to let Zane take the easy way out. He can easily see Zane is making a rookie mistake. Will the snowboarder let himself fall for the solid father or will he blow his turn?

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