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Stargazer Alien Reality Show Brides by Tasha Black is NOW LIVE!

Stargazer Alien Reality Show Brides by Tasha Black is NOW LIVE!

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These hunky aliens came to Earth with nothing but a time capsule of ‘80s movies and brand new larger-than-life human male bodies to help them find the mates they need to achieve intergalactic peace. If you’re in the mood for campy ‘80s references, achingly gorgeous cinnamon roll heroes, lighthearted storylines, and strong heroines who know exactly what they want, then jump right into this delicious bundle of Alien Sci Fi romance!

Book 1: So You Think You Can Marry an Alien
Love like you have nothing to lose…
Kent and his brothers have traveled from planet Aerie to Earth to take human females as mates and pleasure them into unbreakable interplanetary relations. As part of the project, Kent agrees to star on a reality show, meant to let humans see how relatable aliens are. When he meets a mysterious young woman, he begins to understand the pent-up cravings and desperate demands of his new human body.

Book 2: My Big Fat Alien Wedding
What happens to the wedding planner if things don’t go according to plan?
Parker never understood the concept of Earth love until he met Ruby. Now he’s head over heels for his brother’s curvy wedding planner. His heart aches, his pulse throbs, and all the love songs and chick flicks of Earth suddenly make perfect sense to the strapping alien. But when Ruby’s old high school crush conveniently arrives on the scene to star on the show as her co-wedding-planner, things get complicated quickly.

Book 3: Haunted Alien Honeymoon
Can she resist an alien with animal magnetism?
Wayne is still new to this planet, but he is already wildly in love with reality show host Olivia Fontaine. He spends plenty of time with her, since she’s hosting a series of shows about his brothers’ double wedding and honeymoon – but he can never seem to get her alone to tell her how he feels. The big, hunky alien is determined to keep his secret powers under wraps and stay on Olivia’s good side so that he won’t miss his chance to win her over.