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Teaser Blast: Dimitri

Dimitri by Cala Riley is releasing May 25, 2023!

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Being the Petrov Bratva Princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Instead of freedom, I’m locked in a gilded cage with him as a warden.
Dimitri is not only my personal guard, but he happens to be my brother’s best friend and my unrequited childhood crush.
To make matters worse, he imposes all these stifling rules on me.
I’ve had enough.
When I make a drastic decision to finally seek my freedom, it sends him in a tailspin.
Will I survive the carnage in its wake?

When my best friend became Pakhan of the Petrov Bratva, he made me his second in command and entrusted me with the most important task.
Protect his sister at all costs.
Ivanna isn’t the little girl she once was though.
She’s turned into an obsession that I’ve never allowed myself to indulge in.
Until she’s decided she’s had enough.
She wants to be married off to some stranger, but I won’t allow it.
The only way I’ll let her go is in death.

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