Teaser – Unscripted With Mila

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🎬 ABOUT THE BOOK 🎬From NYT bestselling author Melanie Moreland comes a story of finding love,acceptance and happiness when you least expect it.Mila Morrison prefers the silent company of her keyboard to that of people. She livesvicariously through the characters she creates.Nicholas Scott only feels comfortable when he’s playing the role of someone else. Hewould rather be anyone but himself.Both of them are hiding, too afraid to let anyone in.Their attraction is unscripted, as is the bond that forms between them.When the world around them threatens to tear them apart, are they strong enough tomake the final scene?Or will their affair end up on the cutting room floor?#NextGenerationofBAM #melaniemoreland #MilaandNicholas #ContemporaryRomance#FamilySaga #CloseProximity #Celebrity #Hollywood #SecretAffair #FoundFamily