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🔥 P.S. YOU’RE THE WORST by Jane Anthony is LIVE 🔥

🔥 P.S. YOU’RE THE WORST by Jane Anthony is LIVE 🔥

USA Today Bestselling Author, Jane Anthony, delivers a provocative tale of lust, love, and all-out war. Opposites attract when Dylan Masters — a golden boy from a wealthy political family — meets Darla Burke—smart-mouthed waitress with a big attitude—on their angst-fueled road from hate to love.

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Rich. Spoiled. Cocky. Playboy.

Dylan Masters is the worst. Our only date ended with me doing the walk of shame with his taste still lingering on my tongue. I never expected to see him again . . . nor did I want to.

But when he walks into my restaurant the next morning, I have no choice but to serve him lunch with a smile. Turns out, Dylan isn’t just a date gone wrong—he’s the governor’s son. He’s as callous as he is gorgeous. A golden boy set up for a charmed life, and I’m nothing more than “the help”.

Yet it doesn’t stop his ravenous pursuit to get my attention. He expects me to worship him like everyone else, but he could choke on his silver spoon for all I care. Hate and love are two sides of the same coin. If he wants my heart, he’ll have to work harder.

In a world where cash is king, Dylan Masters finally found the one thing he wants that money can’t buy: me.

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★ About Jane

Jane Anthony is a USA Today best-selling author of contemporary/new adult romance

& women’s fiction. A reader proclaimed “queen of angst”, she approaches

tough subjects with a gritty voice that tugs on your heart and leaves you


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