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Release – Analysing Her Assets by Mia Sivan

Analysing Her Assets by Mia Sivan is now live!
Closer than ever to becoming chief analyst at Israel’s largest money manager, Tamar Feynman can’t afford distractions of any kind. Which is why she’s on edge around the company’s new hire, Gideon Sela.He’s charming, irresistible…and her rival for the coveted chief job.
Her libido-induced mind reasons that the only way to get him out of her system is into her bed.  Tamar proposes an arrangement for a no-strings-attached fling that will end as soon as one of them becomes the other’s boss.
Yet as things heat up between the sheets, and new feelings emerge, Tamar becomes aware that someone is manipulating share prices and that it could involve Gideon’s family. Now, she is faced with hard choices. Will she investigate further knowing it could hurt her chances of winning the position… as well as destroy her lover?
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Meet Mia Sivan
After spending almost three decades as a professional investor, Mia Sivan turned to author fast-paced steamy contemporary romances. Using real financial scams to frame her work, her  Women of Tel Aviv series follows fierce women who know what they want and go out and get it.
Mia grew up on a kibbutz and lived in South America and London before settling in Tel Aviv, Israel. The city is as much a part of her books as any other character. Connect with MiaWebsite | | | | | | | | |