Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: All Your Tomorrows by J. Nathan


All Your Tomorrows, an all-new emotional new adult paranormal romance from bestselling author J. Nathan is coming May 31st!

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As a college senior, I’ve lived a pretty normal life.

I’ve had pretty normal experiences…

A broken heart,

a best friend’s betrayal,

and the loss of a loved one.

But I’m not normal.

I haven’t been since I saw my first spirit at the age of nine.

Most would be inclined to call me a fraud.

But, the spirits who visit me know the truth.

I’m here to help them connect with their loved ones.

Then, my world gets turned upside down.

A new spirit walks into my life—

A gorgeous, green-eyed spirit who’s stuck between two worlds.

He needs me to help him remember the accident that made him a spirit.

But his situation is far more complicated.

And, despite every logical thing I know,

I find myself falling for him.

I know it could never work.

He’s going to disappear from this world forever.

But tell that to my heart that races in his presence

and trips over itself when I feel his touch.

I’ve never looked at my ability as a curse…

Until now.