New Release

Date with a Demon by Maggie Mayhem is here!!

Date with a Demon by Maggie Mayhem is here!!


My world comes crashing down when I learn my mother is not my mother but a centuries-old spirit determined to possess my body. I do what anyone in my position would do: I run.

But I can’t keep running forever, so I enlist the help of Redrock Protective Services. I expect to be partnered with one of the company’s gargoyle brothers but find myself face-to-face with a demon instead. (You know the type: horns, tail, devilish grin.) By the otherworldly glow in his eyes, it’s clear Eamon wants to do a lot more than just protect me.

Wrapped up in the arms of my very own possessive monster, we search for a permanent solution to my problem. Can we find it in time, or am I doomed to lose myself forever?