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Release – Beautiful Chaos by Jessie Emerson

Beautiful Chaos by Jessie Emerson is now live!

The woman who took possession of my heart the moment I first saw her. She was sweet, beautiful, and had a soul not meant for the type of man I was, but I couldn’t let her go. She kept me sane in a world filled with madness. The vows we exchanged were made of the strongest steel and were impossible to break.

But then tragedy struck and something happened that I never expected. My love for Cat never wavered, despite the evil that invaded our lives.

The woman I met by accident. She became a temptation I couldn’t ignore and would never be able to give up. She tugged at the strings still attached to my heart, threatening to rip it from Cat’s grasp to steal it for her own.

Now I’m split between the two. Loving one keeps my demons at bay and chases away the pain. Loving the other keeps me shrouded in shadows, tempting me to let it consume me, and giving me something I can’t live without.

You can’t have light if there is no darkness.

Choosing between them is not a decision I’m capable of making, so I’ll keep them both.

Even if it damns me to hell.

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Meet Jessie Emerson

Jessie Emerson is a lover of dark romance. Anything goes, so long as there’s a happily ever after at the end. Originally a southern girl, she now lives in Ohio with her husband, four cats, and one dog. When she’s not reading or doing authory stuff, she’s binge watching her favorite shows on Netflix.

Jessie loves interacting with her readers. You can find her on most social media under her name.

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