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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Against the Rush By Susan Scott Shelley and Chantal Mer

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Philadelphia Power, Book 1

Jalen Daniels loves his job as a hockey coach to kids in the Philadelphia Power’s youth league. Coaching in the same league he played in and volunteering his time to a charity that brings the game to underserved communities takes up a lot of his time. The rest is filled with playing hockey in a rec league and bouncing at a nightclub. Meeting Leif Larsson, star player for the Power and father of one of the kids he coaches, knocks Jalen’s busy life off balance and leaves him craving Philly’s favorite Swede.

Philadelphia Power defenseman Leif Larsson has devoted the last four years to being a dad and a hockey player, in that order. Focusing on being the best dad for his daughter and the best teammate and player for the team was all that mattered. But when he sees Jalen at a charity event, their connection is strong enough to push his heart into pursuing the talented, surprising, handsome man.

Amid the bustle of hockey season, the sparks between Jalen and Leif ignite into something bigger and brighter than they’ve ever experienced. But navigating a relationship when their conflicting schedules make meeting up close to impossible is harder on their hearts than they anticipated. Can they find a way to score a win for love?

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At one table, retired players sign autographs. Another table has a handful of current Power players, laughing and teasing. We’re lucky the current players were available to join us, since their season opener is only two days away. The start of October has always been one of my favorite times of year because pro hockey is back and I’m filled with anticipation for all the possibilities that await my favorite team. At the last table sits Leif Larsson, one of the Power’s defensemen. I sigh and bring my fingertips to my lips, covertly checking for any spital as I drool over him. He’s incredibly droolworthy with his head turned up as he talks to their starting goalie, Sawyer Garcia, and a representative from the charity, Hockey Included, which is the reason we’re here. There are many hockey greats present. But I can’t take my eyes off Leif. Long legs in dark-washed jeans are bent at the knees, almost hitting the underside of the table as he leans forward when a small boy approaches. He says something to the boy—whose eyes round to the size of hockey pucks—as Leif signs a picture and the child’s stuffed Philly Power mascot, Striker. His languid smile paired with the tussled copper-colored hair make him look like he’s just rolled out of bed after a night filled with filthy talk and orgasms. Thinking of those legs draped over my shoulders while I swallow down what’s between them sends a tingle to the base of my spine. A smack on my biceps interrupts the inappropriately timed fantasy. I gaze down to see my best friend and assistant coach. You made it.” “There was an accident on 95.” Monet scrunches her pierced brow. “You’d think no one has ever seen an accident.” Her hands wave and gesticulate as she speaks. I’ve been unintentionally smacked in the face more than once, so I take a step back. “Cars crushed, police on the scene, everyone standing around… Move on, people. There’s nothing any of us can do, so why must we rubberneck?” I grunt my agreement. Monet is no nonsense, which is one reason we clicked so well the first time we coached together in the Philly Power Youth League. Five years later, we’re still coaching together, and there isn’t anyone else I’d rather work with. I continue to watch the throngs of kids and adults as they line up for a chance to chat with their favorite players. “Looks like a good turnout.” Monet was one of the driving forces in preparing the application to get the charity organization to Philly. Now, kids in communities that are unable to afford hockey have the opportunity to play and experience it. She stands on her toes and pushes her body into me. “Who are we looking at?” “No one.” I blink and glance down at her, embarrassed that she’s caught me so blatantly ogling the father of a kid on our Pre-Mite team. “Right…” She doesn’t believe my lame words, not that I thought she would. “Oh, I see.” She drops back onto her leopard-print ballet flats. “Leif Larsson is pretty. I keep hoping he’ll pick up Thea one day so I can see him up close and personal.” “Me too.” As the words leave my mouth, the man we’re gawking at turns his head like he can feel us staring at him. When his azure eyes collide with mine, I’m assaulted with want and desire so great I’m set to steal him away to a dark corner. Kissing and touching until he’s panting for me to take him. Our gazes hold for a split second before the corner of his mouth tips, flirty and provocative. When I wet my lips, the left corner of his mouth joins the right. The slight lift of his brows is an open invitation before the next person in line snatches his attention.
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About the Authors:


USA TODAY Bestselling Author Susan Scott Shelley writes stories with heat and heart, where love always wins. Her romances give readers lighthearted escapes into happily ever after, celebrate the fact that love is love, and that everyone, regardless of how they identify and who they love, deserves to be accepted and cherished for who they are. In addition to crafting stories, she is a professional voiceover artist and enjoys lending her voice to a wide range of projects. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and loves sports, science, running, and reading. Visit her at susanscottshelley.com.

Social Media and website links for Susan Scott Shelley: Website: https://susanscottshelley.com Newsletter: http://www.susanscottshelley.com/newsletter Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/susanscottshelley/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SusanScottShelley1


Chantal Mer never set out to write books. Yet here she is, and she’s having a blast. Happily ever afters for everyone makes her heart sing. When she’s not writing, Chantal can be found walking her adorable dog, going to musical theater with her daughter, observing the night sky with her husband and his telescope, and learning about the latest advances in video games with her son. Give her a book and a glass of wine and she’s in her happy place. Chantal lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, two teens, and her sweet pup, Miss Toffee. Visit her at chantalmer.com.

Social Media and website links for Chantal Mer: Website: https://www.chantalmer.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chantalmer/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chantalmerauthor