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Teaser Blast: Craving my Enemy

Craving my Enemy by Ember Kelly is releasing June 15, 2023!

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Caroline Garoughty hates Leo Bianchi. Aside from the fact he’s rich and spoiled, he’s also too good-looking and obnoxious to be around.

When she catches her fiancé cheating on her, she dumps him but then finds herself needing to be rescued by the one man she would never ask for help.

To her surprise, Leo offers to pretend to be her boyfriend in front of her ex to make it easier for her to get her things and move on with her life—including an explosive kiss that leaves them both reeling.

Then, due to Leo’s misinterpreted business practices, where Caroline accuses him of being an enemy to her and the community, he finds himself in an unfortunate situation where he now has to rely on her to nurse him back from the brink of death, where there’s no denying the electricity that sizzles between them with each passing day.

Will they finally put their differences and fighting aside and admit their feelings for each other, or will they go back to the mutual hate they felt and be miserable apart?

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