TEASER REVEAL! Sweetest Line by Cary Hart

TEASER REVEAL! Sweetest Line by Cary Hart releases June 8!

If the past nine months have taught me anything: what happens in Mason Creek doesn’t always stay in Mason Creek…
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I’m back home in Lavender Falls.
And craving ice cream around the clock thanks to a one-night stand with a sexy bartender I left back in Montana.
Two little pink lines turned my whole world upside down—and nothing in the pregnancy books prepared me for running into my unsuspecting “baby daddy” in the middle of town square.
Of course, he isn’t here for me. He couldn’t be. He never responded to my messages. No, Toby is in town filming a new television series about a single father. Talk about the universe having a funny sense of humor.
Now I just have to figure out if he’s ready to play the most important role of his real life: dad.