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Blog Tour: Code Name: Phoenix by Luna Kayne



Release day: June 5th

Genres: Action Adventure Romance / Military Romance / Romantic Suspense

Tropes: Second chance, amnesia, opposite sides of the law, lost love, captive/kidnapped, strong FMC is a hacker, mystery, capture/captive, danger from the past, secrets, overcoming trauma, badass / feisty heroine, protective / pinning hero

Series: Cypher Black Ops Security (Book 1) – Books in series will be interconnected standalones so they will all have their own endings.


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  A HACKER ON THE RUN, CAUGHT BETWEEN AN OBSESSIVE MADMAN AND A LOVER WHO THINKS SHE’S DEAD. Hunted from both sides of the law, Jessa is a hacker in hiding in this intense, action-packed romantic suspense that starts on the first page and never lets up. Once the secrets come out, not everyone will end up on the same side they started on. Code Name: PHOENIX I lost Jessa when her family was killed by a sadistic psycho ten years ago. Her body was never found and I vowed vengeance. Imagine my shock when my black ops team shows up to capture that same monster’s hacking team—and she comes to the door. It pales in comparison to the rage that consumes me when she chooses to run. I thought I lost her then. Now, I’ll never let her go. Target: JESSA I lost Jack when my family was murdered and I was forced into hiding. I searched for him for years only to be told he moved on and was living the perfect life with a new family while I fought to stay alive. Then he shows up, telling me everything I thought I knew about him was a lie, but this changes nothing. I’m still being hunted by someone I once trusted. If I don’t recover the code I need, I’ll never be free. There’s only one problem: it’s hidden in the one place I can’t hack into, my own mind, and time is running out. *Contains: language, violence, and the recollection of torture/assault (contained to one chapter, not between main characters). Code Name: Phoenix is the first book in a brand new interconnected standalone series titled Cypher Black Ops Security. Each book in the series is a standalone and can be read on its own. Some characters may appear in other stories in the series.      

About the Author

  LUNA KAYNE is a multi-genre, published author located in Canada with story lengths from novelettes to full length novels and series. Luna writes steamy, spicy romance. Genres include dark romance, suspense, humour, action and adventure. In 2021, she won an IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Awards) award with her novel, Step Darkly which earned a bronze medal. Writing from her home on an acreage in Manitoba, Canada, she enjoys gardening, dislikes long winters, and doesn’t understand how commas work (thankfully, her editor does). Luna Kayne is the pen name of author Sheri Landry who has non-romance titles published.  

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