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Rejected By Medusa Stone

Book 2 of 2 | Dark, MM Paranormal Romance  | Hurt/Comfort | Captivity

Journey to the New World is a saga packed with action, nail-biting suspense, courage, and love, in which Eliott’s search for freedom and acceptance, amid danger and tragedy, will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire story.

Hunted and wounded, even by his own kind, Eliott finds himself in a new land, surrounded by hostility, rivalry and jealousy, as his new protector, Ahote, tries to teach him their ways and keep him from the pack’s rejection and their Alpha’s lust.

In this new story, filled with fast-paced adventure and romance, Eliott will fight through adversity, while discovering true love and confronting, once more, the man he fears most, proving his courage and worth to himself and others.

This is the HEA conclusion to Hunted. Content Warnings: This book is rated R; not appropriate for readers under 20 years of age; contains elements of violence, sexual abuse, and other explicit content.