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Release : A Gentle Way to Love by Abrianna Denae


Title: A Gentle Way to Love

Series: Ways to Love, 1

Author: Abrianna Denae

Cover Designed by Morningstar Ashley Designs

Release Date: June 20, 2023


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They were never supposed to meet, then tragedy strikes, throwing them in each other’s paths.

Blaise Thompson had everything he always wanted: A soulmate, a daughter, and the person he spent more than half his life with. When the foundation of his life cracks after the death of one of his partners, he’s left adrift, relying on his husband and his new friendship with Grant to get him through.

Grant Davis-Wilde’s unconventional upbringing taught him to never settle, except his insecurities and anxiety prevented him from making meaningful connections. When he loses the one person who understood, he finds himself alone in the tragedy until Blaise and his husband offer a lifeline he desperately needs.

Sawyer Thompson would do anything for his husband, including inviting the man they were never supposed to meet into their lives so Blaise can have someone else to lean on. What he doesn’t expect is to feel drawn to the gorgeous, hurting man.

In the wake of their shared heartbreak, Blaise and Grant cling to one another, finding safety and connection they never expected, but neither hesitates to grab with both hands. And Sawyer finds himself falling head over heels for Grant, the other man filling pieces Sawyer didn’t know he was missing. But grief isn’t easy, and with every step forward, there are two steps back.

Grant desperately wants to be a part of the unique family Blaise and Sawyer come with, but his past insecurities won’t allow him to believe he can have what they’re offering. In the end, it’ll take Blaise’s understanding and friendship, and Sawyer’s quiet and gentle way of loving to ensure  all three get the ending they deserve.

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