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Betrayed by Maddie Taylor is here!!

Embrace the action, the intrigue, the steam, and the sweet…
Betrayed by Maddie Taylor is here!!

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When duty and desire collide, will he choose loyalty over love?

In the wake of tragedy, young widow and empty nester Marilee Hoffman vows never to open her heart again after losing her husband. While family and friends move on, she simply can’t bring herself to do the same. Despite yearning for a dominant’s touch, she can’t let go of her past in order to connect with and fully submit to anyone new.

On a special assignment for MI6, agent Arturo Durand finds himself halfway across the world in the backyard of his old friend and colleague, Tony Rossi. Securing the assistance of the Rossi Team in his ongoing investigation is all Arturo intends to do, but he can’t resist the temptation of Club Decadence. When fate intervenes during play time and pairs him with a lovely but reserved young widow, their mutual attraction is impossible to ignore. 

One night at a time, Arturo breaks down the walls Mari has built around her broken heart. But when the ongoing investigation leads him straight to her dead husband, Arturo must choose between his lifetime of loyalty to the crown and the growing feelings he has for his new prime suspect. Though he’s certain of her innocence, he’s quickly running out of time to prove it. And once she discovers his true identity, how can he protect her from the crushing pain of a second betrayal? Will he find a way to prove she is more than just his mission, or must he sacrifice his desire for duty?

Publisher’s Note: Betrayed is the eighth book in the Club Decadence series. Originally titled French Kiss from the Decadence Nights series. It has also been revised, re-edited, and given a beautiful new cover. All the books in the series are steamy, suspense-filled romances that contain power exchange, BDSM themes, and scenes with graphic violence, which may be disturbing to some.