TEASER : Mine for the Summer by AJ Wynter


MINE FOR THE SUMMER  by A.J. Wynter is coming June 29th!! 

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/174815540-mine-for-the-summer

What to expect:

🌸Second Chance 

🌸Small town romance

🌸First loves


🌸Family secrets


Go back to Windswan? I swore I would never go back, like over my dead body never go back. Well, it turns out it wasn’t my death that brought me back to the family cottage, it was someone else’s.

Now, I’m stuck in this small lakeside town for at least a week. There are memories around every corner of this lake, most of them good, but some very, very bad.

But, I can get through this – as long as I don’t run into the first and only guy that broke my heart.

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