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EXCERPT REVEAL: Love…It’s Messy by Jeannine Colette


LOVE…IT’S MESSY by Jeannine Colette is releasing July 13th! We are thrilled to share an excerpt with you! 

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What to expect:

💍Wedding Planner Heroine

🚒Handsome FirefighterHero

👩‍👧Single Parent

🏡Small Town Romance

🔥Slow Burn

💞Emotional Twists & Turns

‼️ Dynamic Side Characters


“So, you don’t date at all?”

My dating life isn’t his business. While I don’t owe him an explanation, I very well can’t have him believe I work myself to the bone most weekends in order to avoid the dating scene altogether. 

“I’ve gone on a few dates since Ainsley was a year old. Nothing that made it past dessert. I don’t have time to waste on a relationship that might go somewhere. The other night, for example, I went out with a very nice doctor.”

He clears his throat. “Will there be a second date?”

“No,” I state simply.

Luke acts like he understands why. “Dull date, huh? Bummer.” 

“The opposite. He was really lovely. Please don’t make fun of me. Melissa gave me grief for my adjective of lovely when describing my date with Eric. For me, lovely is good.”

Luke pauses. I stop as well and look up into his navy eyes, then at his firm features and the confident set of his shoulders. 

“Can I ask you a question?” he asks, and I raise my shoulders with a nod. “When I took you out on the beach …” He broods, and I wonder where this is going. “Would you have considered that night we danced with our toes in the sand and laughed until the tide rolled in lovely?”

I fight the shaky way my breath wants to come out and remain steady. “No.” 

“Better than lovely?”


“Just helping you compare it to something. What would you have said it was?”

Different, I want to say. Sweet. Sexy. Exhilarating. 

Absolutely perfect.

“It wasn’t a date, but it was fun.”

“Fun,” he muses. “Okay, I need to know then, if that wasn’t a date, what about the afternoon we spent on a catamaran, laughing our asses off in the sun and drinking in the salty air? You were too scared to do it, but you jumped off that cliff. When you hit the water, I was certain you were going to scream at me for pushing you off. I followed and climbed onto the catamaran, ready for a scolding. Instead, you kissed me, and it was the wildest, most passionate kiss in the world. If that wasn’t a first date, then I don’t know what is.”

I want to punch him for bringing up what was single-handedly the best kiss I’d ever had in my life. I also want to kiss him for remembering it all. I was sure he had forgotten the details. 

“Exciting,” I answer. “Too exciting, if I recall.”

The glimmer in his eyes dissipates as he takes in my words.

“Exciting didn’t seem to pan out. Maybe lovely is good for you.” Luke turns away but waits for me to start walking before following in step. “Do I make you uncomfortable when I bring up the past?” 

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