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Excerpt Reveal : Overtime by Maggie Rawdon


OVERTIME by Maggie Rawdon is releasing July 13th!! We are thrilled to share an excerpt with you!

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“Did you bring the gray sweats with you?”

He pulls them out of his bag and holds them up. 

“Perfect. Strip out of everything else and put those on.”

“Okay…” he gives me side-eye. “I don’t see why this is difficult.”

“Oh, my sweet summer child…” I grin at him. 

I regret my taunting a moment later when I have to watch him change, and every muscular line of his body is on display as he slips into his sweats. They’re tight, and already hugging him in most of the right places. I set my camera aside and pull them lower on his hips, making sure we get a good view of his Adonis belt. 

I step back and take a few photos, a shiver running up my spine when I see how good they are. It’s silly that he still makes me feel this way, but I can’t help myself. 

I put him through the paces, doing different poses and angles, teasing and taunting him to get some of the photos I want. After another twenty minutes or so, I finally call it. I flip through the previews and grin as I see how they’ve turned out. 

“That bad?” He smirks. 

“Just remembering what you looked like when I first met you. You had on a pair like this. And yes. They’re good. Shit hot, honestly. I can’t wait to edit them.”

“You remember what I was wearing?”

“They were gray joggers so yes, I remember. The one thing you athlete types could really teach musicians to embrace more.”

“Huh. I don’t remember what you were wearing the first time I met you, but I definitely remember what you wore when you saved me at that party.”

“I should hope so since you peeled half of it off me.”

“You weren’t exactly complaining when you were straddling my lap.”

“It was a nice lap.” I shrug one shoulder as I flick through more of the photos. 

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