TEASER : Soros by Elin Peer

Soros by Elin Peer releases on July 20th!


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If you could erase the memory of your greatest and most painful love that you lost – would you?

As a criminologist, Soros has seen destructive forces in the Universe and faced the aftermath of heinous crimes. And yet, nothing ever affected him as much as his love affair with Tania.

Now, she’s back in his life, and where there once was love between them, animosity has taken over. Soros hates that Tania’s safety is at risk and that reasoning with her is impossible. Everyone knows humans are emotional, but Tania is so angry that she wants an Ugon Master to erase all her memories of him. He can’t allow that!

Soros is the third book in Elin Peer’s sci-fi romance series, Descendants of Doom. Readers describe her work as stories for your heart, mind, and soul because the characters feel real and the story makes you reflect.