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Teaser Blast: Your Turn

Your Turn by Christina Braver is releasing July 18, 2023!

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Goodreads: https://bit.ly/45pQMD2


Sex is a gift. A beautiful, wonderful, complicated, desperate gift.

Rhys Gunnerson was fine, despite all the effing weddings on his calendar. His bar was in the black, the crowd liked his guitar playing, and he had sex when he wanted it. Easy. And he’d fully recovered from his divorce … almost.

Nicole Freeman was fine, or at least she will be once she buys a house. She had friends, a good job, a mean roundhouse kick, and almost enough money to buy a home where no one could ask her to leave.

The hot guy at the kickboxing gym is a distraction, a fantasy. But when his protective instincts kick in and she moves above his bar, the fantasy starts to become reality. Attraction and slow burn burst into flames, but something’s wrong. When doubts and fears threaten to hold them back, can they find a way to have their turn at the happiness everyone deserves?

A friends to lovers, survivor, protector hero, steamy romance about not just surviving, but thriving, and the journey to accept ourselves and allow the unstoppable power of real love to heal us.

Trigger Warning: Nicole was raised in a culture of sexual shame. Though there are no flashbacks, her memories and struggle to overcome the trauma she experienced in that environment are included on the page.

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