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Leo by Golden Angel is now live and #free to read with #KindleUnlimited!!

Leo by Golden Angel is now live and #free to read with #KindleUnlimited!!


๐™๐™๐™š ๐™ค๐™ฃ๐™ก๐™ฎ ๐™ฉ๐™๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™œ ๐˜พ๐™๐™–๐™™๐™ง๐™ž๐™˜๐™  ๐˜พ๐™ช๐™ข๐™ข๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™œ๐™จ ๐™ก๐™ค๐™ซ๐™š๐™จ ๐™ข๐™ค๐™ง๐™š ๐™ฉ๐™๐™–๐™ฃ ๐™๐™ž๐™ข๐™จ๐™š๐™ก๐™›, ๐™ž๐™จ ๐™– ๐™ฌ๐™ค๐™ข๐™–๐™ฃ ๐™ฌ๐™๐™ค ๐™๐™–๐™ฉ๐™š๐™จ ๐™๐™ž๐™ข.

Her disdain is like his own personal brand of catnip, and he canโ€™t seem to stay away.

And Scarlet Oโ€™Brien loathes him.

From the moment she reports for duty as his new bodyguard-slash-fake girlfriend, all he can think about is getting her under him. Then she walks into his dreamsโ€”literallyโ€”and he finally gets his chance.

But while heโ€™s busy chipping away at Scarletโ€™s resistance both in the dream world and the waking, someone else is dreaming of Chadrickโ€™s demise. Unless they can figure out who, their dreams of happily ever after may be shattered for goodโ€ฆ