TEASER REVEAL for- VILLAIN by Natasha Preston


𝑽𝒊𝒍𝒍𝒂𝒊𝒏 by New York Times bestselling author Natasha Preston is releasing this week! It’s almost time for you to meet Casper! Have you pre-ordered this enemies-to-lovers romance?➜ https://books2read.com/Villain-NP BLURBThe first time I met Casper Hart, I turned him down despite his good looks and obvious charm. I’d only just arrived at university, and a man like him was the last thing I needed to make me lose focus.
The only problem? I had no idea who the hell he was. Rich, entitled, hot, and arrogant, no one walked away from Casper without paying a high price.
Unfortunately for him, he’d chosen the wrong girl to pick a fight with.
Unfortunately for me… Casper happened to live right next door, and he didn’t let up easily.
Three years of endless torture later, it’s no secret to anyone that Casper and I share nothing but hate towards each other, going out of our way to cause as much pain and annoyance to the other as possible. But when a series of break-ins break out on campus, and my friends are all otherwise occupied, Casper ends up being the only person I can call upon to help me get out of a nasty situation.
The only question now is at what cost?
Because nothing Casper ever does for me comes free, and despite everyone else seeing him as the superhero, I know the truth.
He’s nothing but a rotten Villain. One I can’t seem to stay away from no matter how hard I try.

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