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Teaser Blast: The Pursued and The Pursuing

The Pursued and The Pursuing by Marcela Walker is releasing August 4, 2023!
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Goodreads: https://tinyurl.com/MarcelaWalkerGR
BlurbCharming, diplomatic, and a hopeless romantic, Mira Shirazi has long term goals she wants to achieve at her time in one of the biggest law firms in Los Angeles. Although balanced and fair-minded when navigating complex legal cases, Mira’s personal life leaves her feeling discouraged from her history of failed romances.
Holland Blakewell has put his family’s multibillion-dollar financial services company before his personal life for an entire decade, losing the only person he’s ever considered the love of his life because of it. Now, he is fighting against himself, trying to bring a sense of love into his static, practical life.
After a painful breakup years ago, both Holland and Mira find themselves single and unable to shake off the memories of their past. Holland has always known that his heart belongs to Mira. But Mira is hesitant to give Holland another chance after he shattered her heart. Will they be able to overcome their past and build a future together, or will the weight of their history be too much to bear?
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