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𝗕𝗟𝗨𝗥𝗕 We are lords over a savage land.— Gabriel —It’s my senior year at the Asylum. After this, it’s either college or padded walls for life.
They say fake it until you make it, and I’ve gotten really good at faking it.
Well, I was really good, until she came along.
A blonde transfer student with a sharp tongue and a superiority complex makes me want to see her insides.
They call me a sociopath, a maniac, unbalanced.
But here, I am king.
Repent your sins and beg forgiveness, baby girl.
Prayers won’t save you from me.— Avery —I never expected my parents to deliver me to this hellscape.
They want this place to cure me, to make me into a good girl, to save me from starvation.
An arrogant creep with dead eyes made me his target instead.
He’s sick and twisted, and I’m tired of his games.
He says he’ll stop if I go with him to the basement, to the place forbidden and kept under lock and key.
Everyone knows, though, you don’t go down there and come out alive.Author’s Note: Wicked Vile King is recommended for those 18+. It features mature themes including, but not limited to, an explosive heat level, bullying, and, like my other novels, struggles with mental illness.This book is the second of three standalone novels in the Godless Heathens universe, each of which takes place at Chryseum Reformatory Academy and features one of the three lords of the Academy (Saint, Gabriel, and Killian). Reading the other books in the series, although recommended, is not necessary to enjoy this book.

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