TEASER : Supra Velum: A Spooky Sci-Fi Romance Anthology by various authors


Supra Velum: A Spooky Sci-Fi Romance Anthology is coming September 1st and you can preorder your copy now for only $4.99!Universal: https://geni.us/SupraVelum
Misty, spooky love and trouble;
Witches’ brews and frightful cuddles.
We spin our threads, we authors many,
Of horror, sweets, ghosts, and frenzy,
So you may sup on alien peen,
To quench your thirst this Halloween.

Wander beyond the veil into a spooky season of scifi romance tales written by some of the genre’s most influential authors and rising stars. From cute and sweet to horrific and death-defying, these tales span the breadth of Halloween vibes with everything from zombies and curses to costume parties and haunted trails. 

These exclusive tales are written by:
Alana Khan
Alma Nilsson
A.M. Kore
Ami Wright
Ava Ross
Bebe Harper
Bella Blair
Chloe Parker
Deysi O’Donal
Erin Hale
Etta Pierce
Harpie Alexa
Holly Hanzo
Honey Phillips
Iona Strom
Ivy Knox
Jade Waltz
J. L. Logosz
Cleo Rose
Kassie Keegan
Latrexa Nova
Marlowe Roy
Michele Mills
Nancey Cummings
Olivia Riley
R. K. Munin
Rowan Merrick
SJ Sanders
Trish Heinrich
V. C. Lancaster
Vera Valentine
Veronica Scott
Vicky L Holt
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