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When I first met Willem, he swept me off my feet. I was pursued. Adored.
But over time, I began to give in to all of Will’s desires and demands and lost sight of who I was.
Whenever I felt like I could finally break free… he would find a way to reel me back in.

That’s how I ended up here, in Aruba. With a fiancé who’s never around and a lonely, solitary existence filled with cooking meals and keeping house.

Meeting Casper was a pleasant surprise. With his brilliant green eyes, tanned skin, and brooding demeanor, I find myself irresistibly drawn into his orbit again and again. Without even trying, he makes me feel seen for the first time in years.

Maybe it’s the way he corrects my stance on the kite board. Maybe it’s the side glances he thinks I don’t catch. But the more time I spend with him, the more closed-off he becomes – and the more I want to break through his tough exterior.

When Will and I’s relationship takes a turn for the worse, Casper helps me escape my prison.
But I never expected the secrets that would be exposed… or the danger that’s about to come for us both.

In over my head, I quickly realize that at least one more time, I will have to submit to someone else’s control.

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Meet Jillian D. Wray

Jillian lives in North Carolina with her incredibly supportive husband and three awesome stepkids. After over ten years in the healthcare industry, it was time to pursue a new passion. An avid reader her whole life, she sat down one night and let the words begin to flow. Four hours and ten thousand words later, a love of writing was discovered.
She writes fast-paced, spicy, bingeable reads that encourage self-discovery and come with all the angst and excitement of a new relationship.
When she isn’t reading or writing, you can either find her in her vegetable garden, at CrossFit™, or on a plane headed toward her next adventure.  Connect with Jillian D.Website | |