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Royal Street Romp by Brenda Trim is new and now live!!

Royal Street Romp by Brenda Trim is new and now live!!

Read it #FREE with #KindleUnlimited!Luckily for New Orleans, the Six Twisted Sisters have gone from magical newbies to fearless paranormal investigators who will stop at nothing to protect their home from destruction…

When strange things start happening on Royal Street, the sisters spring into action to keep the city’s magical realm hidden from the mundies. Searching for answers raises many more questions while simultaneously revealing a sinister force that causes supernaturals to act out in dangerous ways. Lives are now on the line.

As the clock ticks down to discovery or something even more disastrous, the sisters follow a trail of clues to a shocking revelation: an evil spirit has been unleashed upon the city with a murderous agenda spelling doom for all.

The stakes are as high as they’ve ever been, but the sisters will rise to the challenge. In the face of an impossible choice, will they save their own loved ones, or protect the supernatural world from exposure? Neither, if the vile force running rampant among the supernatural community has anything to say about