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Teaser Blast: Cloak of Red

Cloak of Red by @isabeljolieauthor is releasing August 31, 2023!
Preorder your copy today!

Amazon: https://geni.us/CloakofRedAmazonApple Books: https://apple.co/3JRuMYuNook: https://bit.ly/3NJWM1AKobo: https://bit.ly/46BE4lvGoogle Play: https://bit.ly/3PSH8n8
Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3rtloUA
BlurbA Thrilling, Age Gap, Fake Marriage, Romantic Suspense Modern-Day Take on Little Red Riding Hood


His skills are legendary.
He’s a force. A wall of impenetrable muscle and skill. A CIA legend.

As a teen, I was abducted, then rescued. He was sent by my father to watch over me, protect me, and keep me safe. Now, all these years later, he’s back. But I don’t need his protection anymore.

I’m no longer a scared defenseless girl. 

The CIA recruited me, not the other way around. 
They need us to be “married,” the hot young trophy wife to lure the invisible men from the shadows. But I’m no one’s trophy. 
And the ones who robbed me of my innocence will soon discover that they can’t hide in the dark anymore.

Cloak of Red is a former military, billionaire, age gap, forbidden romantic suspense, fake marriage romance between two CIA undercover officers. She’s a billionaire heiress, and as a teen and college student, he was her bodyguard. Cloak of Red is the third standalone romance in the Arrow Tactical Series and is part of the Wolf trilogy, a modern-day take on Little Red Riding Hood. The first two in the trilogy do not need to be read in order to enjoy Cloak of Red.
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