Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: The Harshest Hope by Victoria Lum

One lie tore us apart. Another lie forced us back together.  The Harshest Hope, an all-new angst-filled, emotional, second chance standalone romance in the LA Hearts Series from bestselling author Victoria Lum is coming September 13th!  

Pre-order your copy today   Add The Harshest Hope to Goodreads→, sign up for the promotional tour here lie tore us apart. Another lie forced us back together.   The boy I was forbidden to love became a man with revenge in his eyes. He was my prince in ripped jeans and tattered books. I was the girl hiding in her parents’ mansion. Our love was intense. Passionate. One I thought would last forever. All it took was one secret, a devastating lie, and I lost everything. Him. Our future. Hope.   Now he’s back, eleven years later. Ruthless. Cunning. Cold. A shark in a business suit. Adrian Scott built his empire on revenge. He hates me, and I’m next in his plan. I’m supposed to pretend to date him. Another lie. A smokescreen. To fool the world into thinking The Shark is finally settling down. I have no choice but to do as he asks or lose everything. However, he still knows every curve and secret my body holds. The lines between our lies and my heart blur more and more.   And I wonder if loving him is the harshest hope.