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TEASER BLAST – Dirty Twisted Lord (Godless Heathens #3) by Jordan Grant

DIRTY TWISTED LORD: A Dark Asylum Bully Romance (Godless Heathens – Chryseum Academy Book 3) by Jordan Grant is releasing on September 14th! Check out this teaser! 

#Pre-order Dirty Twisted Lord – Book 3 today!!!https://geni.us/DTWISTEDLORDPL
Start the series with Bloody Savage God – Book 1! FREE IN KU!!!➜ https://geni.us/BSAVGODPLWicked Vile King – Book 2➜ https://geni.us/WVILEKINGPL𝗕𝗟𝗨𝗥𝗕 We are godless heathens.We are kings. And we will never be dethroned.— Killian —It’s spring semester, my last at the Asylum. Hydrotherapy. Electroshock. I’ve tried all the fringe methods. Still, they call me a sadist, a sicko, deranged. In here, though, I am lord.I found the new girl on her knees in the campus chapel. She must not have heard. Salvation is dead. Kneel before me, sweetheart.— Millie —I shouldn’t be here. I’m not sick. I’m not like these people. I made a mistake. I want to go home. A guy found me in church today. He cocked his head and asked me what I was doing. Then, he stole a kiss so he could taste my pain. I don’t like it here.I don’t belong.I promise I’ll be a good girl, daddy, if you let me come home

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Dirty Twisted Lord – Book 3Goodreads: https://bit.ly/DTL-GR
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