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#preorder Love, Planes & Heartache by Lee Quail

Love, Planes, & Heartache

Preorder from Amazon before the 15th September Meet Philip Mitchell – great-great-great grandson of Margaret Mitchell. Philip is a wedding planner, or, as he puts it, an event planner. He’s also a grieving wannabe author. After losing his husband in a tragic plane crash, Philip writes his debut novel, ‘Final Flight,’ a story that grips the attention of a mainstream publisher. 
With the support of his best friend and business partner, Emma, and the guidance of his mother June, Philip reconciles with his past, and learns to cherish the meaningful relationships in his life, especially with his editor, Richard Moore. 
With quirky humour, tender moments, and a touch of literary magic, ‘Love, Planes, & Heartache’ has the power to mend broken hearts. This novel will leave you jeering, loving, laughing, crying, and cheering for Philip as he finds his way from heartbreak to a bestseller.
This is the first novel in the “Publisher” series.Now, what will this romance do for you?The narrative emphasizes the importance of meaningful relationships, connections that provide support and guidance to find the strength to move forward. It weaves moments of humor, tender emotions, and romance, creating a captivating reading experience that tugs at the heartstrings. As you follow Philip’s journey from heartbreak to success, you are likely to find yourself cheering (or jeering – because Philip can be a bit of a bastard) for his triumphs, empathizing with his struggles, and ultimately rejoicing in his ability to overcome adversity.”Love, Planes, & Heartache” is a testament to the power of resilience, the healing potential of creative expression, and the enduring nature of love.
Healing means finding the courage to create new moments of joy.Tropes Personal growth * Emotional resilience * Sacrifice * ForgivenessSearch for happiness * Self-reflection
SettingThe novel is set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Table Mountain and the city of Cape Town. Excerpt(Based on the Oxford Style Guide)Philip leaned against the balustrade. The vibrant sounds of the party faded into the background as he closed his eyes and whispered, “Richard’s watching you? How could you have missed it? You’re such a klutz, Philip Mitchell. The man of your dreams is right here and you’re scared as usual. If you don’t get it together, you’ll turn into a grumpy old man and regret this day….”“And he plays the piano. I’m impressed.”It was that voice. The one that took his breath away. The voice that sparkled in the light of a million stars. Taking a deep breath, Philip opened his eyes and spun around.“Richard!”“I needed some fresh air, besides it’s too noisy in there,” Richard said, walking towards him as if measuring each careful step. “Your mom tells me you planned this whole wedding from start to finish. Well done, it’s awesome.”“That’s not entirely true. I have a partner, Emma. She also had a hand in it.”A momentary silence followed. “Your mom also told me you’re writing a book.”“My mom talks a lot. It’s nearly finished.”“I’d love to read it sometime.”Philip hesitated, contemplating the offer. “It’s semi-autobiographical, and a lot of it is boring.”“Well, if you ever need a beta reader, let me know. I’ll gladly help out.”“Thank you. Are you enjoying yourself?” Philip asked.A faint smile appeared on Richard’s lips, the same smile he had displayed earlier. “Now I am, yes.”“Only now?”“I’m not a great socializer. I teach twelfth grade English, so I get my fair share of crowds and cheeky students.”“I see now why you offered to read my work.”“Richard! There you are!” June stepped out onto the balcony, interrupting them. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” She took both men by the elbow and escorted them inside. “It’s almost midnight and the happy couple are about to say goodbye. We’re supposed to form an arch to cheer them on their way.”All the guests lined up opposite their partners, forming a human tunnel with their hands raised high in the air. June, ever mischievous, seized the opportunity to play matchmaker and pushed Richard towards the line, conveniently placing him opposite Philip.As Philip’s hands touched Richard’s, his heart performed a wild percussion solo, thumping against his rib cage like an over-enthusiastic drummer, and when their gaze met, Philip was captivated. Time slowed, and all he could focus on were Richard’s silver eyes. It was as if a gravitational force had pulled him closer.

Lee Quail (1993) was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, to British immigrant parents. His first book, “Gideon,” was published via Amazon on 21 December, 2018. He lives with his two extremely cocky Yorkies and sometimes mows the lawn between writing. He is also a graphic designer, cooks his own food, cuts his own hair and buys his own clothes. He lives in the first house ever built in his area in the 60’s. Simply put, he loves beautiful things. His next book is already finished so look out for it: Coming Soon Journal of a Literary Thief with Music by Debussy. Book 2 in the “PUBLISHER” Series.