TEASER REVEAL! Fear Me, Love Me by Lilith Vincent

TWO WEEKS TO GO! Fear Me, Love Me: A Mafia Age Gap Romance by Lilith Vincent releases September 13!

She shakes her head, her expression anguished. “My family hates you. They can’t know that I’ve been seeing you.”
Vivienne’s family doesn’t give a damn about her, and soon they’ll care even less.
“You let me worry about your family.” I grasp the thick root of my cock and play the head over Vivienne’s wet inner lips until I’m coated in her slipperiness.
“I don’t understand why you’re here. We don’t make sense together,” she says desperately, enraptured by the sight of my broad head playing over her clit as I move slowly back and forth.
“We make perfect sense, angel. Don’t worry about anyone else. They’ll all get it through their thick skulls when my baby starts to show in your belly.”
Vivienne’s eyes fly open in alarm. “What did you just say? Tyrant, you can’t—
I thrust into her pussy with one swift movement.
I can, and I fucking will.
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