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Towards My Now by Alina Martyn


TOWARDS MY NOW (The Men Of The Clan #2) by Alina Martyn is now LIVE! Don’t miss this all new enemies to lovers, mafia romance!  


What to expect: 

🖤 Forced Proximity 

🖤 Best Friend’s Sister (ish) 

🖤 Enemies to Lovers 

🖤 Mafia Romance 


Trent needed time to get his head on straight after going undercover in enemy territory for so long.

He needed time to be himself again and not his cover. But being the right-hand man to the Second-in-Command of the Irish Mob doesn’t exactly give vacation time. So, Trent took what was supposed to be an easy mission; guard Augustine Jones, Kieron’s sister-in-law, from the Italians gunning after her sister.

It was going great, until someone tried to kidnap Auggie, turning their whole situation upside down.

Auggie did not like having a babysitter.

Sure, Trent made her feel safe for the first time in a while. Sure, they had exceptionally entertaining banter. And yes, living with a real-life Adonis wasn’t the worst thing ever. But Auggie just wanted to be able to finally build a home by herself, for herself, after the mysterious death of her powerful and dangerous ex.

When the teasing and joking turn more heated, Auggie can’t deny the magnetic pull she feels towards Trent. Will he be able to keep her safe, even after he finds out the truth?