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Author Spotlight – E.L. Rose

Swamp Princess (Skystead Prep Book 1)

The streets of South Warren are littered with drug dealers, swamp girls and trap houses. You have to be street smart to survive here and I have become a pro. Life over the tracks to North Warren is only something people from the swamps dream of.

When I am chosen for Skystead Prep academy scholarship, my dreams are within reach. A full ride and a first-class ticket out of the swamps. Life is looking up and with a promise to Blaise to always cheer for him during football season, I pack to go.

That is until one of the four kings of South Warren whispers his threats in my ear before I leave, and a warning about my mother. With his threat lingering in my mind and his promise that I will be his, I leave.

I quickly come to find that I left the swamps only to land in another kind of hell. Prep school is not for the weak and with the hate aimed in my direction from the three founders’ sons, I find I am out of my element. They hate the swamp kids and do everything in their power to make me leave, but they don’t know who they are dealing with. I have goals and this school is my ticket to those goals.

I quickly find that even behind their expensive clothes and cars, secrets and deceit are hidden. After stumbling upon a secret, a target is placed on my back and now I find i am dealing with threats on either side of the tracks.

Kingston,Loyal and Remington are out for my blood, my reputation, and trying to shatter my dreams.

They have no idea who they are messing with. I will fight back, and I know how to play dirty.

After all thats what Swamp girls do best.

This is a why choose, meaning the MFC does not have to choose between love interests. This is a bully reverse where the MFC has bullying and there is a dub con scene.



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