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Author Spotlight – Holly Oliver

Charlie and Randolph (Fated Fantasies Book 4)

Magic, mayhem, and a dash of mystery. Racing against the sands of the hourglass, with an unseen evil intent on causing division – staying sane is priority number one.

Charlie Hazelwood has always lived his life for others… and has always fallen short. Since meeting the Array, his life has been one hectic mess after another, and still, he hopes for something or someone to hold onto.

Randolph Holloway lives for chaos. He can’t help it – his mind is wired that way. When he is called to a mysterious mansion to help an enigmatic dragon lady in distress, he can immediately see why his skills are needed. What he hadn’t expected was meeting someone who would change his life forever.

While the Fates have their plans set in stone, someone else is intent on causing trouble. After barely saying hello, the pair are swept apart by the one thing that makes Randolph different – his incredible mind.

Triggers – this story mentions the death of a parent, there is some physical violence, a blood sacrifice is alluded to on page, and vague references to past trauma that some readers may find difficult to read. If these are triggers for you, then please don’t read this book.

However, if you are looking for Mafia seagulls, manic MCs, magic, unusual shifters, and a cute kid for a dash of sweetness, then this is the story for you.



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