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���������������������� ������������, Book 2 in the Brothers Series by Michel

This is a contemporary sports romance you won’t want to miss!
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I’m Trent O’Connor.
I spent my early twenties paying for my sins within four walls of a cell. It was stolen time. It was years I can’t get
Now, I’m out. I’m free. My friends and my family have my back. I own a tattoo parlor, Brothers. I have a
chance at a fresh start. A clean slate.
But somehow, all I feel is … numb.
Until she comes along.
Aspen Lancaster.
We’re as different as night and day. She’s red bottom heels and penthouse apartments. I’m T-shirts and ripped
jeans. But when we meet … we collide.
The flicker of a flame that ignites into an inferno. I know the vanilla scent of her hair, the taste of her lips, and
the feel of her skin beneath my fingers, before I know her last name. And suddenly, I’m lit. I’m alive again.
But we both have our secrets. And we’re tied in ways neither of us knows. When the past comes calling, we’ll be
forced to decide if we can forgive ourselves, and forgive each other.
Because the thing about fire is … you always risk getting burned.