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Release Boost Blast: I Love to Hate You by WS Greer

🔥 I LOVE TO HATE YOU by WS Greer 🔥

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask in a whisper, our mouths still so close that my lips brush against hers with every word.
“More than anything,” she replies as her hands find the straps on my tank top and pull me closer.
“But you’re hurt,” I add, giving a final effort to being considerate and polite before the monster in me takes over and all I have to offer is aggressive passion and lustful dominance.
Maya doesn’t even open her eyes. “Stop fucking talking,” she answers, before kissing me so deeply I know it must hurt. But if she doesn’t care, neither will I. I’ll put all of my energy into caring for her aches and pains again, but only after I ruin her.

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