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Author Spotlight – Lee Quail

Love, Planes, & Heartache


Meet Philip Mitchell, a great-great-great grandnephew of the famous author Margaret Mitchell.

Philip works as a wedding planner and wannabe writer. He is also grieving the loss of his husband who died in a plane crash, and channels his emotions into his debut novel, ‘Final Flight,’ which earns the interest of a notable, mainstream publisher.

However, Philip is resistant to any changes to his manuscript because it’s deeply personal and reflects his love for his deceased husband. He’s also vowed to avoid falling in love again, particularly with pilots. Despite his resistance, the publisher wants to edit the book and brings in Richard Moore to work on it. Although Philip is initially upset, he starts to open up as he collaborates with Richard.

Only problem is: Richard is also a pilot.

Get ready for some quirky humour and touching moments with the potential to mend emotional wounds. You’ll jeer, cheer, love, laugh, cry, and ultimately root for Philip as he transitions from heartbreak to success as a best-selling author.

But, what about Richard?

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