Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal – Love Harvested by Khrista Teresa

Khrista Teresa has revealed the cover for Love Harvested!

Releasing October 19, 2023

When life was cruel, my saving grace came in the form of a handsome boy with blue-green eyes and a mesmerizing smirk.
The light he brought into my lonely teenage years made him easy to love.
However, another part of me dwindled when he started dating my cousin, but if he was happy, so was I.
Until they broke up and he moved away for college, disappearing from my life forever like our friendship meant nothing.

Or so I thought.

Six years later, he is back in town, and I work for his family’s vineyard. Keeping my distance is impossible when we have to work on a project together. All of my teenage dreams of being swept away by this cowboy are coming true, but can we be together between my family and his past full of secrets?

Will we be able to harvest this love?

Cover Designer: Kate Kelly

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Meet Khrista Teresa

Khrista Teresa was born and raised in Central Coast, California. She lives her very own cowboy romance with her husband, two girls, two dogs, two horses, and a herd of goats. Based on real-life and dreamy inspirations, she writes tender, small-town romances with a dash of hanky-panky. When she isn’t penning her romance daydreams, she’s a full-time special education educator as she understands academics with a disability, dyslexia. If she finds a moment in her busy life to unwind, she enjoys her comfy couch with a cozy blanket watching a documentary or reading a romance book.

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