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Queen City By Dora Esquivel

Queen City By Dora Esquivel


🔥MMM 🔥Fast Burn 🔥High Heat 🔥Enemies To Lovers 🔥Russian Mafia

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GENRE: MM/Contemporary/ Mafia

In the shadows of a ruthless world, a tale of searing vengeance and burning desire unfolds, entwining the fates of three formidable characters—Kuba, Pavel, and Izan. Each possesses the heart of a predator, their wills locked in a deadly dance of fate.

Kuba, a Russian mob boss, seethes with an unquenchable thirst for revenge against Izan, a figure who has incurred his wrath. Death’s icy grip holds no sway over Kuba, as his singular purpose lies in settling the score, no matter the cost. Beside him stands Pavel, his unwavering right-hand man, fueled by his own thirst for vengeance. But Izan’s actions have stirred emotions within Pavel that should have remained dormant, and the near-death of Kuba intensifies his burning desire for retribution. With a name whispered like a venomous incantation, Pavel willingly gambles everything for vengeance, directing his unwavering gaze upon Izan Morales.

No dungeon’s chains or torment can break Izan’s resolute spirit. As he bides his time, starved of life’s simplest comforts, awaiting the perfect moment to turn the tables on the man who nearly pierced the depths of his heart with fear and awakened passions he struggles to comprehend.

Yet, amidst the symphony of gunshots and the crimson cascade upon Queen City, unexpected emotions surge forth. Grief and hatred intertwine with twisted threads of lust and obsession, weaving an intricate alliance between Kuba, Pavel, and Izan. They confront a losing battle, drawn together by a connection deeper than a mere affinity for violence and bloodshed.

As the war’s deafening cacophony rages on, and lifeless bodies create a haunting backdrop, they find themselves grappling with profound dilemmas. The very foundation of their beliefs trembles beneath the weight of relentless pursuit. In a realm immersed in blood and darkness, where enmity merges with camaraderie, the trio becomes entrapped in a volatile web of passion and profound shadows. The price of vengeance escalates, threatening to consume them in ways none could have ever foreseen.

In this heart-rending saga of revenge, desire, and redemption, their destinies collide amid a tapestry of raw emotions, leaving them forever changed by the ravages of a relentless vendetta.

In the ruthless world of cartels, where danger lurks at every turn, “Queen City” emerges as a gritty and intense enemies-to-lovers MMM novel. Brace yourself for a journey through brutality, where heated arguments, slow burn pining, and scorching hot, emotional, explicit scenes entwine to create a dark and captivating tale.

Warning: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted.

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About Dora

Into the Abyss of Darkness:

Prepare to explore a world where darkness intertwines with desire, where horror reigns supreme, and where tantalizing erotica meets gritty realism. I craft stories that push boundaries, delving into the shadows and breathing life into paranormal beings that embody ruthless cunning. My imagination knows no bounds as I weave tales that will leave you breathless and captivated.

Join the Adventure:

As I embark on my audacious writing odyssey, I extend an open invitation for you to accompany me on this thrilling journey. Together, we will traverse the realms of my imagination, where passion and darkness collide in a symphony of words. Allow yourself to be swept away by my unique storytelling and immerse yourself in the gripping narratives I create.

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I’m excited to connect with readers who share my passion for the written word. Don’t hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts, questions, or feedback—I eagerly await the opportunity to engage with you. Let us embark on this exhilarating voyage together.

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