Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight – Maureen Shigeno

Fighting For Harmony

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I was only 15 when Ryker saved me from my abusive ex. Young and naïve, I thought I was protecting Ryker when my ex blackmailed me into staying with him. The moment I found out it was all a lie, I left. I thought he’d leave me alone.
I was wrong.
He’s obsessed.
Running into Ryker again 13 years later wasn’t my plan, but he’s my saving grace. He’s the only place I feel safe.
But when history starts to repeat itself, I’m determined to save Ryker. At any cost.
Ryker has other plans…

History is important. Your past makes you who you are.
But what happens when a part of your past that you’ve tried to forget is tied to a woman that you can’t let go of?
I wasn’t expecting to see her again, so imagine my surprise when Harmony starts living in the same apartment building as me. I went to prison for protecting her. Turns out, I’ll make the same choice again when her ex comes after her.
Now that she’s mine, I won’t let him destroy her a second time.

*this is a 30k steamy novella. May be triggering for some due to violence*

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