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Tyler & Bella Trilogy, DIRTY LITTLE VOW

#NewRelease Dirty Little Vow by Lisa Renee Jones – the finale is HERE! He will burn down his enemies’ world to to keep her safe. (all buy links below)

Tyler Hawk. A man who seems to have it all, except her. Bella. Beautiful, rebellious Bella. His employee. His best friend’s sister.

Now his father is dead and the future of the family empire depends on him taking a wife. And there is only one woman he can dare act out this charade with—and that’s her. A woman he trusts. A woman he burns for.

And suddenly, it’s not a charade at all.

But when the man who declares he will never fall in love, falls, what comes next?

Especially when an enemy wants to take the only thing that matters anymore from him.

​​​​​​​That enemy wants Bella.



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