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Author Spotlight – H.M. Wolfe

The Base: The Beginning (Eugene & Elliot Part 1)


Between organizing the New York branch of the Fenelli family and running his media empire, Eugene Brentano-Fenelli has little to no time for his sentimental life. The man got used to the idea that he will stay single for the rest of his life; no man in his right mind would someone with a troubled past like his. He is content and grateful to witness his best friends’ Daniel and Tarquin marital bliss and be a loving uncle for their sons.

Elliott Spellman, the sensation of Harvard Law School, left Boston right after graduation and came to New York City, hoping to put the nightmares and painful memories behind. Hired by one of the most prestigious law firms in the city, the young man drowns himself in work, his circle of friends reduced to his protective roommate Christine and his co-worker Mallory. To Elliott’s great relief, no man expressed a romantic interest in him, and he is very happy with the way things are.

But Fates have other plans, and one day, Eugene and Elliott literally run into each other. The men fight the attraction they feel for each other, but the feelings they have for each other are stronger. Still, is their love strong enough to help them win the battles against their inner demons and sworn enemies?

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